Terms & Conditions

  • All prices are inclusive of VAT.
  • If your booking fee is not paid within 48 hours your appoinment will be released.
  • All prices are correct at time of booking.  Prices are subject to change at any time without written notice.
  • A £25 booking fee will be required to secure an appointment with each of our Consultants.
  • Booking fees are non refundable if your appoinment is cancelled within 48 hours.
  • Please note that cancelled appointments need to be recognised with written communication.
  • Booking fees received by Enhance Me Permanent Cosmetics and Aesthetics is verification that full information has been provided regarding our terms and conditions, in the event of any cancellation.
  • All initial Semi Permanent make up Procedures are required to attend a follow up to which needs to be taken no more than 6 weeks after the original appointment. Any appointment made after this time is chargeable outside of the initial pricing.
  • All top ups when booked in a ‘sale’ appointment are at a cost of £25.00.
  • Treatments are Subject to Availability.
  • Enhance Me Permanent Cosmetics and Aethetics fully reserve the right to refuse treatments.
  • Correction or top ups of other consultants work is assessed on a case by case basis and is subject to individual pricing.
  • Enhance Me Permanent Cosmetics and Aethetics can not be held responsible for client aftercare-Instructions are provided but client choices are down to the individual.
  • Enhance Me Permanent Cosmetics and Aethetics can not be held responsible for the behaviour of the pigment, lifestyle, skin type, age and aftercare are factors that can effect the pigment.
  • If you are more than ten minutes late for your appointment, your appoinment may be cancelled and booking fee lost.
  • We recommend a colour boost procedure, please see our website or contact us for individual prices.
  • Colour boost procedures are for 1 appointment unless otherwise stated.
  • If you have already had your procedure elsewhere Abi is happy to provide a colour boost. Price agreed on consultation.
  • By Proceeding with treatment you agree to the terms and conditions outlined above.

Child Policy

For the comfort of all our guests we respectfully ask that children under the age of 14 are not brought into the Enhance Me clinic and we do not provide a waiting area or facilities for their care whilst your treatments are being performed. Children must not be left unattended anywhere in the Enhance Me clinic.

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