Seven Step Autumn Facial

We love to create bespoke facials to work in harmony with seasonal skin challenges, the Seven Summer Autumn Facial will ensure your skin is flawless for the Autumn Season!

What’s involved:

The facial starts with a thorough double cleanse which is full of ‘skin activators’ to eliminate impurities & prep the dermis for maximum benefits for the next steps of the facial!

Next we use a Hydro Dermabrasion exfoliation device which combines targeted blasts of purified water hydration with gentle skin resurfacing, further ridding the dermis of bacteria & dead skin cells build up.

The skin is then infused with pure Oxygen Therapy which stimulates skin cells with the extra oxygen required to effectively thrive and survive, resulting in an instant healthy plumper look to your skin.

A bespoke cocktail of hydrating regenerating serums are then applied using ultra-sound technology which deeply penetrates the dermis for maximum absorption of vital ingredients, which obviously results in maximum benefit to skin!

We then apply a Radio Frequency probe to heat the deeper dermis of your skin which instantly tightens and sculpts!

Next up is the application of a ‘resurfacer’ specifically selected for your skin type, to further reduce pigmentation, ageing, acne, fine lines, wrinkles & shrinks enlarged pores.

Cryotherapy cools & seals in the enhancing & regenerative properties of the previous facial steps, tightening the pores and the overall dermis.

Lastly a hydrating soothing mask is then applied & combined with ten minutes of exposure to medical grade LED Light Therapy, a powerful tool that locks in hydration, further stimulates collagen, heals acne & eliminates toxins all whilst sending endorphins to the brain for the ultimate feel good factor! Your Skin & Soul are left with an enviable glow!

Ideal for:

This Seasonal Glow Up Facial is suitable for all ages & the majority of skin types and can be tailored to suit your individual needs based on the area of your skin that concern you.

You will see exceptional results after one treatment however results are cumulative and maximised with monthly treatments if you want to seriously invest in your skin!

Treatment Enquiries


    What skin type is best to have this facial?

    Easy answer is any skin type. This treatment uses different attachments that target a variety of skin concerns and needs. It’s the perfect facial to protect the skin during the winter months

    Does this hurt?

    No, this is a relaxing facial and client often fall asleep!

    How long does the treatment take?

    It is a 1-hour treatment

    Are all clients suitable for this treatment?

    Some clients may have contra-indications that would prevent them from having some or all of the attachments. These include metal pins and plates, epilepsy, and pacemakers. If you are not sure if you have any contra-indications, you can contact the clinic, prior to booking, to discuss.

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