Baby Toxin Wrinkle Relax Facial

The perfect combination of micro doses of toxin and skin nourishing ingredients, this facial is the most efficient treatment for flawless skin after just one session making it a firm favorite just before a special event or celebration!

The ultimate tightening and refining skin treatment using a unique blend of Anti-Wrinkle Toxin (Botox) and other nourishing skin serums & peptides such as high strength Hyaluronic acid. This treatment is celebrated in celebrity circles for delivering complexion like ‘glass’ with emphasis on the ability of micro does of toxin minimising pores and oil secretions for a flawless looking face.

Ideal for

Those who want a flawless, super hydrated, glowing smooth complexion! Unlike our normal Anti-Wrinkle injectable treatments this micro needle pen & derma stamp style facial does not penetrate the muscle directly as the fine needles make tiny micro channels in skin & deposit the bespoke cocktail into the top layers of the dermis over the entire face and neck.

The toxin tightens skin without restricting movement, targeting fine lines and wrinkles, smoothing crow’s feet, refines pores, reduces redness, improves skin dryness, boosts hydration and luminosity for a unrivalled glow that lasts up to 4 weeks. An Enhance ME practitioner & client favourite alike!

What is included?

A deep steam cleanse and enzyme peel to remove dead skin cells will precede the main event…. micro fine needles precisely deliver the anti-wrinkle toxin and bespoke cocktails just beneath the skins surface. There is minimal pain and no downtime, this is the perfect treatment just before a special event.

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What skin type is this good for?

This is good for clients who are mainly concerned with ageing. This facial will target fine lines and wrinkles, smooths crow’s feet, refine pores, reduce redness, improve skin dryness and boost hydration for a glow that lasts up to 4 weeks.

Does this work the same as wrinkle relaxing injections?

No, the toxin will not target the muscle, so it is not going to give the same results and wrinkle relaxing injections. It will target the skin and improve superficial lines.

Does it hurt having the treatment done?

The treatment uses a hydrastamp which does contain needles, but they only penetrate into the superficial layer of the skin (half a millimetre into the skin). Therefore, there is minimal discomfort.

How often can I have this treatment?

Once a month, every 4 weeks.

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