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One of the multiple skin care ranges our Skin Care Specialists work with and champion, is the highly regarded brand DermaQuest, a range of professional products that are results driven and cater for all regular skin challenges from acne to ageing.

The Facials range from entry level, Hydrating and Light Resurfacing treatments to stronger Chemical Peeling protocols that deliver dramatic changes to your skin. They are formulated to deliver maximum results with minimum down time, and uniquely allow for a combination of protocols to be applied during your treatment plan to cover multiple skin complaints & ensure your face is looking flawless in the most efficient time frame.

Home use products retail within the Clinic to ensure the longevity of your treatment results.

Dermaquest Step 1 Prescription Facial. Ideal for those wanting to target specific skin concerns but who don’t know where to start. Our therapist creates the perfect prescription facial for you by selecting the correct pathway for your skin. During this appointment a bespoke treatment plan & home use products can be recommended to maximise results.

Dermaquest Step 2 Resurfacing Facial. Ideal as a natural progression from your step one prescription facial to further continue & enhance results. Resurfacing treatments superficially exfoliate the very top layer of the skin as well as stimulating the lower layers to encourage healthier cell growth. These treatments have very little to no downtime but have plenty of noticeable benefits

Dermaquest Step 3 Chemical Peel Facial. The final part of the step-by-step facial programme to eradicate the last of your skin concerns and leave your skin flawless. The Chemical Peel is a step up from ‘resurfacing’ and is the strongest treatment. This is also the last ‘step’ of the programme and as such produces incredible cumulative results from the previous steps.

Chemical Peel treatments can require the skin to be prepped depending on your existing skin regime. Completing steps 1 and 2 preps the skin perfectly for peeling. These treatments may have downtime associated with them, such as dry flaky & peeling skin. Healing time is approx. 5-7 days.

Other ‘Seasonal’ Dermaquest Facials

Winter Cranberry Express Facial. Ideal for all skin types this facial is the perfect boost for winter skin. Light resurfacing provides a smoother, hydrated appearance to the skin while softening fine lines. This facial combines wintery warming ingredients of Honey, Ginger and Cinnamon to help skin circulation to nourish & stimulate the skin during the cold winter months.

Summer Papaya Express Facial. Ideal for a quick skin fix to exfoliate, nourish & hydrate your skin. This facial combines Hawaiian papaya, Watermelon, Peach, Pineapple and Californian honey to leave your skin beautifully clear while simultaneously providing firming, cooling & healing benefits.

This Facial is suitable for all skin types to repair light damage and the first signs of ageing all while giving the skin a fresh, smooth, rejuvenated complexion.

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Treatment Enquiries


Which treatment do I book?

if you are not sure you can book in for a Dermaquest step 1 facial. After an initial consultation if the therapist feels that you would benefit from one of the other Dermaquest facials they can change at the time of the appointment.

Is there a lot of peeling?
It will vary on the type of peel you have and how your skin is. The resurfacers and facial treatments have very little to no downtime. The step 3 Dermaquest facial is a stronger peel so there will be some flaking for about 3-5 days after the treatment.

Are the treatments painful?

Some of the peels, depending on strength, will have some mild discomfort associated. The best way to describe the discomfort is that it is like getting into a hot bath or shower but after a couple of minutes it feels fine.

What skin type is best to have this facial?

Easy answer is any skin type. There is a variety of peels that can be used to target your skin needs and concerns.

Can all clients have this treatment or are there contra-indications?

All treatments have contra-indications but some of the ones that prevent this treatment include using acne medication, history of skin cancers and sensitised skin. Some clients may also have to prep their skin using selected products for a 2-4 weeks prior to their treatment. If you are unsure you can contact the client to discuss your concern or book for a Dermaquest step 1 facial treatment.

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