Facial Fat Reduction Facelift

What’s involved?

The Fat Reduction Facelift is a unique non-surgical approach that works by removing excess facial fat caused by either genetics or the ageing process!
The aim of the treatment is to re contour facial features by utilising carefully administered injections of deoxycholate (a quick-acting, fat-dissolving active ingredient) that break down stubborn fatty deposits that often contribute to the heavy descent of facial features.

The Fat Reduction Facelift can be strategically used to slim a rounder looking face by refining the mid & upper cheek area to reveal or further enhance attractive facial contours. Double chin reduction & jawline tightening finishes the process for outstanding results that last, without the down time or cost associated with surgical procedures.

This treatment especially targets areas off the face that where pockets of excess fat are contributing to skin laxity, sagging or a roundness such as jowls or buccal fat. The purpose of the treatment is to restore the contours & definition of your cheekbones and jawline with the outcome creating harmony to the facial fat distribution for naturally lifted & tighter heart-shaped facial proportions, deemed to be the aesthetic ideal

What’s Included?

Numbing cream is applied for comfort, the areas of the face are mapped and highlighted for targeted reduction. The product is then injected causing the treated fat cells to expand and break down, they are then naturally eliminated by our bodies natural detoxification system over a 6-week period. Three sessions at 2-6 weekly intervals are required, this is determined upon consultation. Some swelling and tenderness can be expected post procedure but will subside within a few days.

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