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Tear trough filler treatment quickly and effectively restores lost volume, and reduces dark circles under the eyes. It also reduces fine lines and wrinkles as the dermal fillers will boost collagen production by hydrating from the inside. This treatment will give you natural-looking results with a fresher, less tired-looking appearance.

How do Tear trough fillers work?

Tear trough fillers are suitable for people who are concerned about dark circles or wrinkles around their eyes, and are looking to restore lost volume. Tear trough filler treatment has the following benefits:

Reduces dark circles under the eyes
Adds volume and plump hollows under the eyes
Rejuvenates tired eyes
Boosts collagen production and overall skin quality
Reduces lines and wrinkles
Quick treatment with instant results
No down time – go straight back to work

Most dermal fillers used for this procedure last 9-12 months and help to increase volume and plump up the area whilst smoothing the contours between eyes and cheeks.

This treatment is very popular for those who want to achieve natural looking results without the need for invasive surgery

Price List

One SessionTwo SessionsThree Sessions
Tear Trough£250£450£600


What are the side effects?

Common side effects include redness, swelling and bruising, but these tend to ease off after a few days.

How long do tear trough fillers last?

They generally last around 6-18 months, but this really depends on the individual and how quickly they metabolise them. For some people, it’s more, for others, less. It’s thought that people who exercise more tend to metabolise it quicker (though that’s not necessarily a reason not to go to the gym), and this can also vary depending on factors like skin type and age.

Am I suitable for them?

This treatment is a great treatment for many people who have deep depressions in their under-eye area, dark circles and puffiness. However its advisable to have a consultation to ascertain if this is the correct procedure for you.

How long does it take?

Treatments tend to take between 30-60 minutes


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