IPL Facials For Pigmentation

Whats Involved?

Pigmentation or Pigmented scars are an excess production of melanin. Melanin is a pigment that gives skin its colour. Its produced by skin cells called Melanocytes. Several different conditions or external factors such as picking at spots, over exposure to sunlight or tanning beds can alter the production of melanin in your body resulting in unattractive dark patches. This treatment also has significant anti-aging benefits IPL laser therapy also stimulates your collagen & fibroblasts to plump your skin and results in softening fine lines. IPL technology has been around for decades with the technologies becoming even more advanced & effective as the years have passed. IPL is incredibly effective at eliminating the pigmentation present in skin, killing the over stimulated melanocyte activity, breaking down the dark patches & resulting in a beautifully even skin tone.

Whats included?

After Consultation a laser therapist will apply a cooling gel to skin. The IPL handpiece is then applied to skin specifically targeting the pigmented areas of the face. The light penetrates the facial tissues and is absorbed by the melanin chromophores (pigmented lesions). The body’s natural elimination process clears the lesion debris, breaking down the dark areas after just one treatment, giving the skin a clearer, smoother, more even, and youthful appearance. For moderate pigmentation results are generally achieved after 3 session, with more stubborn pigmentation taking between 6-8. Upon competition of treatment you will be placed under the LED Blue Light to further break down the pigmented areas & encourage healing of the skin.2

IPL is very effective at treating the following skin concerns:

Pigmentation & Pigmented scars
Fine lines and wrinkles
Vascular lesions
Rough skin texture
Spider veins
Enlarged Pores
Skin irregularities
Sun damage


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Price List

One treatmentThree treatmentsSix Treatments
Ipl Pigmentation Facial£85£225£420


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