Liquid Face Lift

The Liquid Face Lift treatment uses high grade dermal filler injection techniques that are applied to the face focusing on lost volume.

What’s involved:

This game changing non surgical approach to face lifting successfully counteracts the natural way the human face ages. Skillfully placed dermal filler acts as a substitute for the collagen loss & fat depletion that starts to affect our faces from the ages of 30 upwards. A liquid facelift is a treatment option that totally restores lost facial volume, tightens & lifts the facial structures, resulting in a more youthful appearance to the face.

Not only does the dermal filler replace lost volume the process aids in your own collagen & fibroblast formation which adds a significant level of ‘scaffolding’ to skin. Once treated you can easily maintain or further enhance results with small top ups at any point you feel you need too.

Clients continually reporting fantastic feedback on this highly sought after non-surgical treatment, consistently being told they look younger & healthier.

What’s included:

The Liquid Face lift utilises both cannula and needle methods for precise placement. Numbing cream is applied prior to treatment for comfort. Minimal discomfort, minimal downtime.

Included in the lift are the following areas:

Malar Cheek region
Mid Face Cheek region
Buccal Hollows
Underdefined Jaw
Tear Trough

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Price List

Mild to Moderate Ageing£725
Progressive Ageing£995



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