Skin Analysis & Prescription Facial Service In Colchester

There are so many facial treatments within the beauty & aesthetics industry that promise the world and under deliver.

Let our team of skin experts take the pressure off & confusion away, with our personalised prescription facial service.

No two faces are the same, so we never work off a menu. Having the experience, wealth of knowledge & of course the advanced technology to not only identify but totally reverse skin challenges, ensures our treatment plans are both highly efficient & effective!

Our Skin Analysis & Prescription Facial service is something that we think all our clients should benefit from. Early intervention saves both time & money and allows you to future proof your face & look your best at any stage of the ageing process!

What’s involved:

Our Magic Mirror Skin Analysis device uses UV technology to scan your skin, by-passing obvious surface damage & penetrating the deeper dermis to precisely identify areas of your skin, that without intervention, will accelerate the ageing process or compromise skin health.

The technology is so targeted it can even identify a pore that is fractionally bigger in circumference than average, allowing intervention & prevention before changes become permanent or irreversible!

What we can identify:

UV Damage: Deeply hidden sun damage and age spots that are darker than average & irregular in size, caused by sun exposure that will work their way to the skin surface & create stubborn & hard to treat pigmentation.

Wrinkle Trends: Current wrinkle condition & prediction of your future likelihood to deeper wrinkles. Early Signs of wrinkle degradation can be reversed with appropriate intervention.

Oil Content: Highlights irregular sebum secretion, areas of congestion, blocked pores & blackhead distribution, allowing a prescriptive approach to reversal.

Moisture Levels: Identifies current hydration status within the dermis, allowing accurate diagnosis of dehydration & nutrient deficit.

Hypersensitive Areas: Highlights patches of the skin that are reactive, sensitive or damaged & need intervention to settle & balance your skin

Skin Health: Measures skin metabolism, identifies sluggish cell turn, toxin build up and stagnation, allowing targeted detoxification to begin.

Skin Ageing: Prediction of future skin status, ageing patterns & likelihood to age negatively or positively in the next 3-5 years, allowing us to advise a proactive, protective approach to future challenges.

Skin Prognosis: The prediction of our ability to treat and reverse all signs of skin damage in next 3-5 years with our bespoke ‘prescription’ intervention.

What’s included:

If possible, please attend you prescription facial service with minimal makeup. A gentle cleanse will be undertaken to ‘degrease’ the skin at which point your thorough skin analysis will take place. Upon receiving your results, your skin care specialist will offer full explanation & recommend the most efficient treatment pathway to reverse & eradicate all issues that are contributing to accelerated ageing. Your skin specialist will also advise on how you can improve overall skin heath, invest & protect your skin in the future.

Treatment Enquiries


    How long is the appointment?

    It is a 30-minute appointment

    Do I need to bring anything with me?

    It would be helpful to have a list or picture of the facial products that you are currently using. That way the therapist can review them to see if they are the most suitable products for your skin needs.

    How does the skin scanner work?

    You place you head into the device and a series of pictures are taken using different lights. The varied lights show up different skin needs and diagnostics.

    Does the skin scanner hurt?

    No, it takes about 1 minute to take the pictures and process.

    What happens after this appointment?

    You will be ‘prescribed’ a series of products and treatments that will target your skin concerns. You can then decide if you wish to go ahead with the suggestions given to you.

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