Dermaplaning Facial In Colchester, Essex

Dermaplaning Facial in Essex – Express, Regular & Deluxe Options

These facials are an efficient method of stand alone skin resurfacing or for prepping the skin as part of a more detailed regime.

A manual form of superficial exfoliation using a specially designed medical blade to gently remove surface dead skin cells and unwanted vellus facial hair from the face. The Dermaplaning facial provides a flawless smooth base for makeup application or for the more efficient delivery of further skin treatments & ingredients that work better when provided with a clearer pathway to penetrate the deeper dermis.

Ideal For:

Dermaplaning is a fantastic stand-alone treatment to brighten smooth & even out skin tone & texture or to create the perfect canvas, pre special occasion, for flawless make-up application. Dermaplaning is also a great pre cursor to prep the skin to maximise the benefits of applications of other treatments within our portfolio.

What is included?

Express Dermaplaning 25 minutes- Treatment starts with a double cleanse to remove oil, makeup and impurities, skin is toned & dried to enable dermaplaning to begin. Hydration is applied with SPF to further protect.

Regular Dermaplaning 35 minutes- Treatment starts with a double deep steam & cleanse to soften dead skin cells skin is toned & dried to enable dermaplaning to begin. Hyaluronic Acid & Peptide Serum is applied & finished with an SPF is applied to further protect.

Deluxe Dermaplaning 55 mins – Treatment starts with a double deep steam & cleanse to soften dead skin cells, refining enzyme mini mask is applied followed by manual exfoliation with dermaplaning & manual extractions. Hyaluronic acid, peptide & stem cell serums are applied, LED light therapy then further infuses serums sealing the actives in the skin light therapy, heals & boosting collagen. SPF is applied to further protect.

Treatment Enquiries


    What skin type is best to have this facial?

    Easy answer is any skin type. Its is a great starter facial treatment if you are unsure what to have

    Is the treatment painful?

    No, there is no pain with this treatment.

    Will the hair grow back quicker?

    No. You may feel like it has grown back thicker as the hair has been blunt ended and you will be more aware of the hair growth after the treatment. The treatment only works over vellus hairs, the thicker hairs are terminal hairs.

    How often can I have this treatment?

    Once a month. 4 weeks between treatments.

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    19th March 2020

    This makes your skin feel 10 years younger! It’s amazing and done very professionally. I have had this before and will continue to have it!!

    Belinda devenny


    26th February 2020

    Brilliant really pleased

    Michelle Downes