Prescription Facial In Colchester, Essex

Stuck in a skin rut? Then our Prescription Facial is for you! This treatment is created from scratch with your individual needs & goals in mind! After a thorough skin analysis using our Skin Magic Facial Scanner your Facialist will either choose from our range of Enhance My Skin active products, select one of our Clinical Devices or use one of our more hands-on holistic therapies – with relaxation massage techniques – or even a taster of all 3!

RESULTS: Vibrant refreshed glowing skin, dead skin cells and bacteria removed & controlled. Skin health restored. Skin Dermis prepared for personal plan to tackle & reverse your individual concerns.

FREQUENCY: 1 time per month. Your Facialist may advise maintenance facials or Enhance My Skin products based on your unique skin concerns.

SOCIAL DOWN TIME: None to minimal. Potential of skin purge or some minor dryness.

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