Fat Dissolving Injections

Fat dissolving injections are a safe & effective way to eliminate stubborn fatty deposits in areas that are typically hard to reduce through diet . They are especially effective in areas where fat deposits collect.

These problem zones usually affect the abdomen, chin, upper arms, inner thighs & saddlebags, and are often impossible to shift even with a healthy diet and exercise.

How do Fat Dissolving injections work?

Fat Dissolving Injections work by administering direct injections into stubborn fatty deposits. The product directly targets the stubborn collection of fat cells, destroying them permanently. The broken down cells are then eliminated naturally through the lymphatic system.

Fat Dissolving products such as Aqualyx & Deso Body, are commonly used to treat pockets of fat under the chin (double chin) and other areas of the body such as arms (bingo wings), bra back fat, stomach fat and love handles or the belly. Generally between 3-6 treatments at monthly intervals are required for optimal results, however its dependent of the size if the area being treated, a treatment plan will be mapped out for you at the time of consultation.

Fat dissolving Injections are ideal for those that exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle & diet but still have stubborn pockets of fat that remain present irrespective of weight or commitment to exercise.

Which areas can be treated?

Fat Dissolving Injections achieve good results in the following body zones:

  • Chin (double chin)
  • Jowls & Jawline
  • Hips (love handles)
  • Stomach (abdominal area)
  • Thighs (saddlebags)
  • Upper Arms (arm toning)
  • Pseudo Gynecomastia (male breasts)
  • Dorsocervical Fat Pads (buffalo Hump)

Most clients notice a visible difference within 4-6 weeks with subsequent treatments further improving the overall result. The number of treatments required ranges from one to eight, with intervals of four weeks in between.

Once the product dissolves the unwanted fat, the effect is normally permanent. However, you must try to maintain a stable weight as if you gain weight following the procedure, it is possible that results might be compromised.

Fat dissolving products are best suited for healthy adults with a healthy BMI who have good skin elasticity.

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Who can and can’t have Fat Dissolving Injections ?

If you are in good health you should be able to have Fat Dissolving treatments. However, they are not recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. It is also not recommended for people who have been diagnosed with lipodystrophy or are immunocompromised for any reason including type 1 diabetes.

How long will my results last?

Fat Dissolving Injections offer permanent results as long as you combine these treatments with a healthy lifestyle or weight loss journey.

Are there any side effects?

Localised pain can occur at the injection sight, this is usually mild to moderate and subsides within 24 hours & if persists can be controlled with light medication. Swelling, tenderness & light bruising can be present for up to 7 days but again is generally mild to moderate.

What will I need to do after my Aqualyx Fat Dissolving?

Do not apply any cosmetics to the treated area within a 12-hour period. Avoid all direct sources of heat and radiation e.g. sunlight, UV radiation, saunas. You should also abstain from particularly demanding physical exercise for 7 days.

What else should I know ?

As the released fatty acids are converted into additional energy, it is especially important that you keep a healthy diet, otherwise your body will simply store the fat in an alternative fat depot.

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