Chemical Peel In Colchester, Essex

Is your skin in need of a major makeover but you have no clue where to start? Then our Personalised Peel Facial is a game changer! Our Enhance My Skin Peels are buffered with powerful antioxidants that give maximum results with minimal day to day disruption! This facial starts with a thorough skin analysis & detoxifying cleanse & prep, to remove impurities, excess oil, & bacteria, enabling better ingredient absorption for more efficient results. Next, the Personalised Peel is applied, providing custom skin resurfacing that melts away dead skin improving signs of ageing, pigmentation & minimises pores. Acne breakouts are controlled and reversed, producing instantly healthier, smoother looking skin. We then blast the skin with pure Oxygen Therapy, stimulating cell regeneration for faster healing & plumping. A customised blend of serums is then applied to further enhance the results. We finish with a hydrating mask & medical-grade LED Light Therapy to lock in moisture, boosts collagen, heal acne & remove any remaining impurities.

RESULTS: Skin texture & health greatly improved, pore size reduced, acne controlled, signs of ageing reversed. Option to add Red light therapy for the ultimate experience [+£15]

FREQUENCY: 1-4 times per month. Your Facialist will advise based on your unique skin concerns.

SOCIAL DOWN TIME: None to Minimal, pink skin up to 1hr post treatment. Dry Flaky skin 1-5 days depending on peel depth.

Treatment Enquiries


    Is there a lot of peeling?

    It will vary on the type of peel you have and how your skin is. Peeling can occur 3-10 days after your facial treatment

    Are the treatments painful?

    Some of the peels, depending on strength, will have some mild to moderate discomfort associated.

    Do I have to do anything to me skin after the treatment?

    You will be provided detailed aftercare advice after your treatment but it will include wearing SPF 50+, avoiding active skincare products and sun exposure (even with SPF on).

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    1st chemical peel

    10th May 2021

    I recently had a chemical peel with Abi as I have a lot of sun damaged skin and was a bit nervous as it was said to burn when applied, which it did but not as much as I expected. It took about a week to peel off and can be tight and a bit uncomfortable as you can’t use any products until peeling has finished, but not enough to be too bothersome. As we are wearing masks at the moment it didn’t stop me going out, and I was very pleased with the result and will have it done again after the summer months. Abi made me feel comfortable and reassured and so a big thank you to all at Enhance Me.

    pamela claydon