Microneedling Treatment In Colchester, Essex

Do you want to turn back time or give your skin the ultimate wakeup call? Then the Deluxe Microneedling Facial is for you! The skin is prepped with a deep cleanse, chamomile infused steam & pore extraction. A hydrating Collagen mask is then applied, whilst a shoulder massage is delivered to relax & restore. We will then apply our light Enhance My Skin resurfacer to instantly remove dull, dry & dead skin cells. To finish, Microneedling is delivered via a handheld digital device creating micro channels in the skin for efficient delivery of a bespoke skin cocktail, blended to target your personal skin concerns.

RESULTS: Skin texture improved (including scarring) pore size reduced, fine lines diminished, pigmentation lightened, signs of ageing dramatically reversed. Option to add Red Light therapy for the ultimate experience [+£15]

FREQUENCY: 1 time per month. Your Facialist will advise based on your unique skin concerns.

SOCIAL DOWN TIME: Minimal, pink skin for up to an hour post treatment, dry & flaky skin for some.

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