Enhance ME Aesthetics is a leading Aesthetics Clinic based in North Essex, established over 12 years ago by Clinical Director Abi Farrow. Upon opening, the clinic very quickly confirmed itself as a ‘Clinic of Excellence’ providing the latest minimally invasive aesthetic treatments, using bespoke techniques to maximise results for our patients.

Enhance ME Aesthetics favours market leading technology and products known to deliver exceptional treatments for body sculpting, skin perfecting, permanent make up, wrinkle relaxing, lip filling, jawline & chin contouring amongst much more.

The vision of Enhance ME is to provide the best evidence based treatments to the highest standard of care in a beautiful environment with state of the art facilities, delivered by highly skilled medics therapists & aesthetic practitioners.

Five years ago saw the launch of our sister company, North Essex’s largest Aesthetics Training Academy where a highly skilled team of educators deliver accredited Aesthetic Training Courses to medical & aesthetic practitioners alike.