Lip Fillers In Colchester, Essex

A great deal of expertise and artistry goes into creating beautifully balanced Lips that look natural. In expert hands, Lip Fillers can create fuller and more defined Lips to give you a more attractive smile, enhances your natural beauty and sends your confidence soaring.

What’s involved?

Lip Fillers deliver a number of beautiful benefits. Dermal Lip Filler injections add volume and definition whilst highlighting the most attractive aspects of your natural Lip anatomy such as a beautifully shaped vermillion border or a heart shaped Cupids Bow. Equally should you wish you to ‘make over your mouth’ our advanced practitioners have the skills & ability to totally transform a set of Lips, creating shape symmetry & volume, often boosting your confidence and feelings of femininity in the process. For Lips that have lost volume through the ageing process Natural Lip filling techniques are incredibly effective solutions, replacing lost volume, softening fine lines, lipstick bleeds and other age related irregularities. Fuller Lips look more youthful!

What’s Included?

During the consultation process we will advise you on the appropriate technique & product to enhance your Lips in the style you wish. Numbing cream is applied for comfort and results last approx. 6 months for your first session and are cumulative thereafter. Hyaluronic Acid, the main component of Dermal Lip Fillers are a perfectly safe water binding molecule that is naturally present in the human body.

All Dermal Lip Filler products we use are of the highest grade and CE approved.

Russian Lips

The Russian Lip technique is a popular lip augmentation method known for its focus on lift and subtle enhancement rather than simply adding volume. It aims to create a naturally alluring pout with a defined Cupid’s bow, sharper corners and a slight upturn at the edges. Unlike traditional lip augmentation that primarily adds volume, the Russian technique prioritizes vertical lifting. The result is a fuller, youthful look without the “overfilled” or “duckie” appearance associated with some traditional methods. If you’re interested in achieving a fuller, lifted pout with a unique elegance, exploring this technique is certainly worth considering.

Treatment Enquiries


    Will my lips look huge after 1ml?

    No, for ‘virgin’ lips 1 ml still produces a natural look upon healing, for lips that have already had filler the technique will be adjusted to suit requirements, however we never overfill lips!

    How long will it last?

    Between 6-12 months for the first session, 12-18 months + for repeat session where there is already dermal filler layer in place.

    Will I bruise?

    Possibly, bruising is normally subtle. Please avoid drinking alcohol or taking blood thinning medication for 24 hours before. Arnica tablets and cream and help reduce bruising.

    Will it hurt?

    This is client dependent, however we use topical numbing cream before to make the treatment as comfortable as possible, the dermal lip filler products also contain lidocaine, and if you are really sensitive we also offer lidocaine infusion injections prior to treatment to eliminate all sensation.

    What product are we using?

    We use a whole host of High Grade Dermal Lip filler products, our preferred Choice is CE approved Genius filler! There are 4 variations in this range to suit every lip style & request!

    What Do You Offer?

    Treatments include:
    Russian Lips
    Heart Shaped Cupids Bow
    Vermilion Border Shaping

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    Lip Filler

    13th January 2021

    In Love! Lips are amazing, Abi always does an amazing job x

    Emily Clarkson

    Lip Filler

    14th December 2020

    I absolutely love coming here, everyone is welcoming, the whole place is spotlessly clean, my lips look amazing as always, I will always recommend to my friends and family.

    Emma Hayes

    Russian Lips

    12th December 2020

    Abbie is amazing! Can’t wait to come back! xxxx

    Laura Blake


    8th December 2020

    Abi is always amazing at what she does puts you at ease talks you through everything would not go anywhere else.

    Leanne Shea

    Lip filler

    2nd October 2020

    So impressed, this was my first time receiving lip fillers, Jake was so welcoming and put me at ease instantly! Jake talked me through the process and what to expect, very professional yet super friendly!

    Would 100% recommend to anyone, thanks again Jake!

    Leah Pilbury

    Cannot recommend enough

    30th July 2020

    Abi and the team are absolutely fantastic, so friendly and welcoming, it’s like you’ve known them forever. Abi is extremely professional and friendly and just cannot recommend enough. Thank you so much and look forward to seeing you all again soon x


    Lip Filler

    28th March 2020

    My lips are amazing I’ve been coming to abi since 2018, I wouldn’t go anywhere else she’s honestly the best! Professional and lovely your works amazing abi !

    Shannon Audley

    Lip Filler

    23rd March 2020

    First time having lip filler? Abi was great with me. The result is fantastic ?

    Connie Banham

    Lip Filler

    22nd March 2020

    So thankful to the enhance me team for fitting me in and bringing my appointment forward! Abi makes you feel at so much ease and im over the moon my lips once again. Had lots of lovely compliments! Stay safe girls. See you soon xxx

    Charlotte lammin

    Lip Filler

    16th March 2020

    Absolutely love the result. Hanna was so friendly and cant wait to come back soon! X

    grace stubbings

    Lip Filler

    13th March 2020

    First time having lips done was really nervous, Abi was real with me and put me at ease and gave me the exact results which I wanted ❤️!

    Maisy Littmoden

    Lip Filler

    2nd March 2020

    Very professional! Would highly recommend and Abi was lovely too! Love my lips so much…exactly what I wanted!

    Abbie Chance

    Lip Filler

    28th February 2020

    Had my lips done with Sarah , absolutely love them Thank you again.

    Samantha Britain

    Lip Filler

    28th February 2020

    Abi as always is AMAZING. Not only is she great at what she does she also makes you feel really relaxed. I love my fuller lips, thank you x

    Sue Bray

    Lip Filler

    24th February 2020

    Abi always does a fantastic job. Professional and personable, would recommend to everyone!

    Chantelle Carter

    Lip Filler

    16th February 2020

    Have been coming here for a couple of years. Abi looks after you completely. If you are nervous you are reassured. Almost no bruising on my lips ! Fab


    Lip Filler

    14th February 2020

    Amazing treatment done with Abi, really pleased with my overall look!

    Jess Ancill

    Lip Filler

    10th February 2020

    Really really happy with my lips, Sarah was lovely and I’ll definitely be making this my new place to come for treatments. Thank you.

    Hayley Buck

    Lip Filler

    10th February 2020

    My third time having my lips done and I love them ? thank you so much! X

    Kirsty Faircloth

    Lip Filler

    5th February 2020

    Absolutely delighted with my new lip! My first time ever having this done and Abi made feel very at ease. The shape of my lip is perfect!!! Thank you!

    Cassie Mayes