Anti-Wrinkle Injections In Colchester, Essex

Wrinkle-Relaxing injections (Botox ) are micro doses of neurotoxins that are injected into skin in a bespoke manner to reduce the ability of specific muscles to contract, thus relaxing wrinkles & tightening the skin laying above those muscles.

Wrinkle-Relaxing injections are widely used on the face to reduce dynamic wrinkle movement and less the static lines on the forehead, around the eyes & nose, jawline & neck where in addition the product can also be used to eliminate jowls & tighten the lower face.

Why Consider Wrinkle Relaxing Injections?

An expressive face is a beautiful face. However, sometimes we can be over-expressive, causing lines to form on the face. If these lines are formed frequently over time, they can eventually cause a permanent wrinkle.

If the muscles are relaxed, you can still make natural facial expressions, but because the contractions are not so intense, lines do not appear. In this way, it may be possible to delay or prevent wrinkles from forming.

Areas commonly treated with wrinkle-relaxing injections include:

Frown lines between the Brows
Crow’s feet around the Eyes
Lines and furrow on the Forehead

(All of the above can be booked as 1-3 areas)

Specialist Areas

Nose Slimming to help reduce the flare of the nostril to give the appearance of a slimmer Nose

Lip flip Toxin is placed on the edge of the Lip to expose more pink of the Lip and to give the result of a fuller smile

Marionette Lines/Puppet Lines running from the outer corners of the Lips to the outer corners of the chin

Smokers Lines Toxin is placed in the area where the Slines are, close to the red border (vermillion border) of the Lip. The injections sometimes also cause a slight eversion of the border of the Lip, i.e. the Lip can look slightly fuller

Gummy Smile a smile that shows more of your gum line than you’d prefer. This treatment goal is to reduce the hyperactive muscle responsible for the gummy smile and to reduce the amount of gum exposure when you smile.

Bunny Lines fine lines either side of the Nose when you wrinkle it. Toxin can effectively relax the muscle and soften the Bunny Lines.

Nose Lifting toxin is injected into the columella just under the Nose tip to give a subtle tip lift.

Facial Slimming toxin is used to slim the jawline and help the face not look too masculine. It can also be used to lift the mid face with placement just under the cheeks.

Chin Dimpling sometimes referred to as cobblestone chin with an orange peel type appearance. Toxin can be used to inject the underlying muscle to give a smoother more even result.

Eye Widening A small amount of toxin used directly underneath the eye to give the appearance of a more “open” eye

Foxy Eyes to give a subtle lift to the lateral aspect of the brow

Teeth Grinding toxin can also be used to eradicate Bruxism (teeth grinding)

Hyperhidrosis toxin is used to control excessive sweating for the underarms, hands and feet

Nefertiti Lift for improvement of tissue laxity, platysma bands and horizontal rhytides in the neck. The injection of toxin into the Platysma muscle of the neck can also help contour the jawline and improve Jowls.

Treatment Enquiries


    How quickly will I see the results?

    While some people report an improvement, there should be a noticeable improvement, full results can often take up to 14 days.

    Do I have to be a certain age to have Wrinkle relaxing injections?

    Wrinkle relaxing injections are generally thought to be safe to use in individuals aged between 18 and 65. Treatment will usually be of benefit to those 25 years or older.

    Will I look unnatural after treatment?

    One of reasons Wrinkle relaxing treatment is so popular is the subtle improvement it makes to your appearance. Treatment will not radically alter your appearance; it will simply reduce muscle activity. You will still be able to frown or smile as you used to.

    How long will it last?

    Results typically last for three to four months but they do vary from person to person. Wrinkle relaxing treatments are not a cure. Should you stop having treatments, the lines on your face will gradually return to their state before treatment.

    How long does treatment take?

    The treatment can usually be done in about 10 – 15 minutes and no recovery time is needed

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    Good Vibes

    22nd October 2021

    This was the first time i have ever had my lips done so i was quite nervous bur Abi really put me at ease by explaining everything step by step,All the clinic staff are really friendly and theres a great vibe around the already booked up again again as my lips look fantastic!!

    Donna Mayland


    10th December 2020

    Wow!!! what can I say Abi was highly recommended to me my first visit today for a consultation from the moment I walked in I felt totally relaxed and safe there has been so many treatments I wanted to have Abi talked me through what would be the best for me she was so professional and I listened to her and decided to have some Botox and Fillers there and then I felt so relaxed and cannot wait to go back thank you Abi for giving me the boost i so needed you are the best xx

    Poppy Connoly

    wrinkle relaxing

    22nd March 2020

    So pleased with my treatments. Lovely friendly staff as well – thank you

    Edwina sesto

    Wrinkle relaxing

    28th February 2020

    Lovely people and very professional

    Karen Taylor

    Wrinkle relaxing

    6th February 2020

    Amazing as always

    Harriet O'Connell

    Wrinkle relaxing

    4th February 2020

    As always all of the girls work at a professional level yet the same time make you feel very welcome.. as for Abi she never fails to make me feel comfortable and once she has finished her artist magic.. I always leave knowing I’m in the correct hands .. trusting everything will be done 100% highly recommended… Love the whole team..

    Shanon Soper