Oxygen Therapy Facial

An Oxygen Therapy Facial is an incredibly effective way of delivering targeted medicinal oxygen to the deeper layers of the skin, resulting in a noticeable, natural skin high!

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Oxygen is the elixir of life, our lungs need it in abundance as our skin. Skin infusion with pure oxygen therapy specifically targets skin health, bringing back to life the dullest, lack lustre skin infusing it with a glow like no other. Our advanced oxygen therapy system utilises the most natural of sources available to us, oxygen, to nourish our skin. When coupled with a bespoke ‘skin infusion cocktail’ prescribed for you at time of treatment, you will notice the look of health & vitality being restored to your skin immediately. Our skin cocktails cover every base from lightening & brightening mixes to vitamin & anti-ageing mixes that purely target skin health & vitality. The treatment is scientifically proven for intensive anti-ageing, and to improve the skin’s capacity to hold moisture.

What is included?

Deep steam cleansing, with manual and electro extractions, followed by an enzyme peel to soften and remove dead skin cells. The skin will then be saturated with skin boosting serum specific for your skin needs and then infused with an oxygen jet, all finished with a hydrating, soothing led mask.

Whilst fresher rejuvenated skin is created after just one treatment, a minimum of three will be required to maximise results.

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    Is there any downtime?

    Barely any downtime. You will leave with visibly glowing skin straight after the treatment.

    Does it hurt?

    No pain or discomfort at all, in fact it is a very relaxing treatment to have and you may even fall asleep.

    Do I see results straight way?

    You will see initial results straight after the treatment but to gain maximum benefits you must have a good home skincare regime (if you don’t have one then you can discuss this with your therapist during your treatment).

    How many treatments do I need?

    All facial treatments need more than one treatment and a course of 3-6 are recommended

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