Skin Boosters with Mesotherapy Technique

Powerful ingredients that are specifically designed to focus on skin health and vitality are gently needled into the skin.

Despite being deemed a gentle aesthetic application the results from these skin booster are nothing short of incredible.

What’s involved:

Utilising a traditional mesotherapy application that applies a micro puncture technique the upper layers of the skin are infused with high strength skin boosters that are literally packed full of skin nourishing, refining & tightening ingredients.

In our opinion these boosters are the best value that money can buy and deliver outstanding results for ageing acne scar reduction and skin tightening that just get better with every treatment.

Vitamin/Mineral Mix– Skin Health, Vitality, Hydration

Collagen & Hyaluronic Acid Mix– Scarring, Pore Reduction, Skin Imperfections

Facial Slim Mix – Fat, Jowl, Double Chin Reduction

Lighten & Brighten Mix– Pigmentation / Dark Circle Reduction

Facial Tightening Mix– First sign of Ageing, Loss of Elasticity Face & Delicate Under Eye Area

Epidermal Growth Factors Mix–Powerful Anti-Ager, New Skin Cell Formation, Dermis Renewal

What’s included :

Cleanse to prep skin for maximum penetration, numbing cream can be applied for sensitive skin types but is not generally required. Tiny micro punctures ensure efficient delivery of selected skin boosters. You will see visible results after one treatment but cumulative & exceptional benefits after 3-6 treatments which create permanent changes to the underlying skin structure. Treatments can be taken at two weekly intervals

Treatment Enquiries


    Is there any downtime?

    Barely any downtime. The skin will be pink straight after the treatment and within 24 hours the skin will be looking refreshed and glowing

    Does it hurt?

    A mild pricking can be felt during the serum delivery but it will not hurt.

    Do I see results straight way?

    You will see initial results straight after the treatment but to gain maximum benefits you must have a good home skincare regime (if you don’t have one then you can discuss this with your therapist during your treatment).

    How many treatments do I need?

    All facial treatments need more than one treatment and a course of 3-6 are recommended

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