Scar Camouflage

Light coloured scars can be effectively camouflaged long-term using medical tattooing. Working with a colour palette of prescriptive skin tone pigments, the scar is infused with the correct colour to minimise its appearance. This treatment is suitable for all skin-tones and nationalities.

For best results scars should be;

Minimally 1 year old
Paler than the surrounding skin
Not noticeably raised or sunken
Have a smooth texture

It’s important that the skin is at its most natural in colour (i.e. not tanned ) when the treatment takes place as the success of the treatment is dependent on the correct skin-tone pigments being matched & then blended into your skin, achieving a look that ‘merges’ into your natural skin colour.

If tanned skin is ‘colour-matched’ and the tan fades, the infused pigments will not fade, leaving a noticeable difference between the normal skin and the treated scar. After the scar has been successfully treated sun exposure must be also kept to a minimum to the scar site as once a camouflage treatment has taken place, excessive sun exposure can also cause pigment to fade & inhibit healing.

During the consultation your natural skin tone will be analysed & a colour-match test may be carried out on your scar. The test areas develop over a month giving a realistic impression of the colour and how the scar will look long-term. This also ensures that the correct colours are chosen for you and the finished result is exactly what you want.

When you return for treatment the custom-matched pigments are then skilfully & precisely infused into your skin. Everybodys skin tone and colour is individual so often multiple blends of pigment will be used to recreate the tonal variance of the normal skin being worked on,

Each treatment session takes approx 1 hour and our clients describe and discomfort is controlled with topical anaesthetics & therefore kept to a minimum.

Price List

Scar Camouflage£125



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