IPL Facial for Acne

What is Involved?

Acne is a common skin condition that is the bug bear of many, with many solutions on the market that over promise but under deliver. IPL can provide extremely effective relief from the symptoms of active acne. While the excessive production of sebum result in pores becoming blocked, it is actually the presence of bacteria on our skin that can result in inflamed infected & angry looking spots. When the bacteria responsible for acne proliferate, the results can be red and very sore & unsightly spots. IPL technology has been around for decades with technologies becoming even more advanced & effective as the years have passed.

IPL is incredibly effective at eliminating the bacteria present in skin, killing the activity within the spot or pustule whilst stimulating the body’s natural healing process by way of collagen formation, clears your skin quickly & effectively.

What’s Included ?

After consultation your laser specialist will apply a cooling gel to skin. The IPL technology will be placed onto skin to target the bacteria, eliminating them from the surface of the affected areas. The laser light gently heats up the surrounding tissue stimulating the skin’s natural healing process. This encourages the skin to repair the damage, the combination of this rids the skin of bacteria and heal the wound. Resulting in a much clearer complexion & more robust dermis, helping to protect the skin going forward. The advantage of this type of treatment is the speed with which it can be carried out, with treatments every week, resulting in much clearer skin within just a few weeks.

IPL is very effective at treating the following skin concerns:
Pigmented lesions
Fine lines and wrinkles
Vascular lesions
Rough skin texture
Spider veins
Enlarged Pores
Skin irregularities
Sun damage


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How many sessions will I need before I see results?

The actual number of sessions needed varies from person to person, but usually 3-6 treatments are carried out, with top-up sessions as required.

How often will I need treatment?

Treatments are recommended every 2-4 weeks. For optimum results a Dermaquest Salicylic facial peel can be done in between treatments.

Is there any down time?

Redness and slight burning sensation are normal after treatment. Any redness generally dies down within 30 minutes, but some people may remain red for up to 24 hours. Cool air can be applied to the skin to ease these symptoms.

Are there any side effects?

Most clients experience no side effects and the described skin reactions above, usually disappear within hours to a few days. Mild hyper or hypo pigmentation may occur from time to time but this usually fades within a short period of time. It is essential that during a course of treatment, the skin is not exposed to sun light without the protection of a high factor sun screen.

Who’s it suitable for?

Male and female clients with mild to moderate acne, oily skin or client’s experiencing continual breakouts. The treatment is not suitable for under 18’s or clients taking acne medication from their GP.

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