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Advanced medical tattoo & permanent make-up techniques enable me to camouflage abnormalities and accomplish visual improvements many areas.

One of these is Micro-Hair-Simulation. Suitable for areas on short hair growth only this is an innovative hair loss treatment that leaves gaps & bald patches looking as there is real hair there. The technique creates an incredibly natural-looking simulation of micro-hairs by replicating a short hair growing from the follicle that blends beautifully with the surrounding hair.

The effect is achieved by creatively placing micro-points of pigment into the scalp or skin to create a shadow of colour that with layering, mimics the density of natural hair growth. The technique can be used to replace hair on the scalp, the beard, the moustache and the pubic region.

During a consultation, your hair-growth needs will be assessed and a custom blend of colours will be tested against the area to guarantee replication of your natural hair colouring.

During the pigment infusion process an electronic hand piece is used to create a series of micro-points which produce the look of short hairs while close attention is paid to the follicular hair size and the density of the natural hair growth.

Each pigment infusion session will take approx 60 minutes and will require multiple treatment sessions for larger areas.

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