Express My Lips™

Introducing the UK’s only Express Permanent Makeup Treatment, that gives you a semi-permanent Lip Enhancement in under an hour, that lasts a year for a fraction of the price of conventional permanent makeup treatments.

What is the difference between Express my Lips™ & standard permanent make up?
The difference between an Express My Lip treatment & a conventional Permanent makeup is simple. Cost & treatment time.

The Express my Lip Method uses the latest innovative patented technology alongside a highly skilled specialised technique, to implant colour more efficiently into the skin, meaning the treatment is completed within 45 minutes as opposed to two hours and simply requires a 15 minute touch up 3 weeks later. This results in perfectly shaped & contoured lips in little over an hour for a fraction of the price of conventional permanent makeup. Our ‘Express My Lips’ treatment will leave your lips looking full with a subtle blush of colour for a whole year, at which point you can come back for an Express My Lips refresh to keep your colour fresh & on point.

What is the look and Finish of Express my Lips™?
The Express My Lips enhancement is created with a unique 3D Contouring technique, that enhances the outer border of the lips blend, with a blend of colour gently shaded down the body of the lips & graduated in to the ‘wet line’. Special attention is paid t the cupids bow for a prettier pout! We have a full palette of colours to match our favourite lip pencil or lipstick. This treatment is most suitable for those wanting to improve their shape and gain perfect lip definition, or create the illusion of fuller lips. The overall finish is a natural ‘day time’ look, creating a subtle enhancement to your lips, soft enough for every day wear but statement enough to make your lips pop!

Who is suitable?

Whether you need a simple shape improvement want to add colour or definition, this treatment will work for you to give you the beautiful lips you long for.

What can be achieved with Express my Lips™?
If you like to wear your lips extra bold & extra defined Express My Lips may not give you the depth & density of colour you require -for the ‘standout’ you are used to. This will be ascertained during the consultation with your therapist.

1. Numbing Cream for Comfort
2. Colour Match
3. Shape Creation
4. Application of Express My Brow TM
5. Healing Approx 1 week.

This treatment is EXCLUSIVE in the UK to Enhance Me Aesthetics Ltd. Please call to book your appointment call our clinic manager Verity on 07596 0473843.

Terms & conditions apply – Patch test required prior to treatment.

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