Enhance My Brow

Having perfectly shaped eyebrows can be vital to maximising the overall attractiveness of your face!
Correctly shaped & placed eyebrows enhance our facial features by widening our eyes & making our eye colour ‘pop’. As a additional bonus a perfectly placed & shaped eyebrow can also dramatically ‘anti age’ our eyes, so not only is permanent make eyebrow tattooing the perfect solution for lack of hair, they give an incredibly effective anti-ageing solution, revitalising our faces without the help or down time of cosmetic surgery or other aesthetic procedures.

A lack of eyebrow hair is such a common problem, the causes vary from overzealous plucking in our youth, to medical conditions such as Alopecia, thyroid issues or Obsessive Compulsive disorders, injuries or the ageing process or unlucky genes!

If you’re someone who has started to notice your eye brow hair thinning, have patchy hair growth or little or no hair on the brow at all, then you’ll know how your lack of eyebrows can truly affect your overall appearance and self-esteem.

Conventional makeup – time consuming and temporary
Trying to achieving a set of natural looking eyebrows everyday using conventional makeup, is not only time very consuming its temporary. Often your eyebrows won’t maintain the shape you’ve created for longer than a few hours, requiring touch up’s throughout. Hot weather, rain, or humidity all cause eyebrow pencils or powders to melt away throughout the day which is both inconvenient & frustrating!

How can ‘eyebrow tattooing’ help you?
Bespoke permanent makeup eyebrow enhancements, often referred to as ‘eyebrow tattooing’, cosmetic tattooing or micropigmentation is an advanced cosmetic solution that is used to create natural looking permanent eyebrow enhancements & other makeup treatments designed specifically to suit & compliment the individual face being treated. Abi uses various different bespoke techniques to achieve the best results for each individual client she is working on. The most requested eyebrow enhancement is a unique highly skilled hair stroke technique, often referred to 3D Hair stroke Eyebrows, which creates the look and impression of ultra-fine hair. The strokes are layered to give texture to & depth of colour to the brow & blend beautifully with existing hair growth or also look so natural if you have no hair growth at all making them the perfect overall solution for natural looking eyebrows.

Powder Brow permanent makeup enhancement
Abi also offers a Powder Brow Permanent Makeup enhancement which when completed mimics the look of soft pencil so is great for just adding some depth of colour to a brow that already has even hair growth but is in need of more definition & shape. The finish is also subtle & natural looking.

Lastly a ‘combination brow’ is a bespoke blend of all techniques and is the best option for people who want something a little stronger than hair stroke but not as defined as powder or block colour application.

As an expert in the field of permanent eyebrow enhancements and eyebrow tattooing, Abi will offer an opinion as to what I think will suit your ‘look’ best. Together we select a colour that matches & compliments your skin tone & hair colour – whether you are a blonde, brunette, redhead or glamorous grey, Abi works with you to ensure she creates the perfect look to suit you. Abi can work to any specification, or requirement any skin tone or colour. Whether you prefer a totally natural result or a more defined makeup look she will leave you looking groomed and gorgeous with the perfect long lasting set of eyebrows bespoke to you!


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    28th January 2022

    I had my brows done last year by Mooky,quick pain free l love them ,worth every penny



    22nd October 2021

    Just had my eyebrows done by mooky and they look fab!!! great clinic,great atmosphere, and very professional x

    Chelsea Harding


    23rd March 2020

    Perfect so happy with my brows.. ??

    Dani stevens


    13th March 2020

    Mooky was lovely and professional. I’ve had this treatment before with another company and it hurt more and lasted a lot longer where as mooky was very gentle and the procedure was a lot quicker with the same fab results! Would defo come back! X

    Alysha Wreathall


    13th March 2020

    Mooky done an perfect job of my brows as usual would not go any where else ever again can not recommend enough

    Ellen Simmons

    Enhance My Brow

    31st January 2020

    Had my brows done & I was abit anxious but they made me feel so calm & explained it all to me & made me feel much more comfortable

    Kimberley Fisher

    Enhance My Brow

    28th January 2020

    My brows are wonderful thank you so much I am really pleased with them