IPL Laser Hair Removal In Colchester, Essex

We only work with the latest clinical devices to ensure our Laser Hair Removal treatments are safe & effective for all skin colours and types and that are incredibly successful for eliminating unwanted hair from all areas of the body, permanently.

We offer both IPL, SHR & Diode Laser hair removal. We select the relevant Laser prior to the procedure based on the pigment of the patients hair follicle, as specific laser beams work more efficiently on certain colour spectrums.

What’s Involved?

Laser Hair Removal is an efficient way of eliminating unwanted hair on the arms, legs, arms pits and bikini line. It is also very effective at removing unwanted facial hair including hair growth from Polycystic Ovaries and the Menopause where hormone levels can cause excess hair growth resulting in low self-esteem and embarrassment.

Laser Hair removal is also a great solution for ingrown hairs. Being fuzz free eliminates the need for constant skin shaving which is time consuming & can cause irritation to the area.

What’s Included?

After consultation a laser specialist will apply cooling gel to the area to protect the skin and ensure you are comfortable. The laser is then applied to skin, you may feel a little heat, the treatment process is generally well tolerated by all.

We use the safest & most effective clinical laser technology on the market to ensure we safely treat your unwanted hair quickly.

Hair Removal systems work quickly, most people see results after 1-3 treatments, for thicker or more course hair 6-8 treatments may be required.

A plan will be mapped out for you during your initial consultation. A patch test is also required.

Treatment Enquiries


    Do I need a patch test?

    Yes, a patch test needs to be done usually on the inner forearm 48hrs before the treatment. 4-6 shots will be carried out to test the skins reaction to the light and make sure you are a suitable candidate for treatment, Its relatively painless and only takes a few minutes.

    Is IPL Hair removal permanent?

    IPL works differently for different types of hair. Although it will significantly reduce the amount and rate that the hair grows back we cannot call it permanent removal as will need to be maintained every 6 months. So we call it a permanent reduction in hair growth.

    How many sessions will I need?

    A course of treatment is needed and depending on the hair type usually 6 -9 sessions is average. These treatments will need to be 4 weeks apart.

    Is the treatment safe?

    Yes. Enhance Me provides you with safe, effective, and proven technology. All treatment is carried out by fully qualified aestheticians who have extensive laser experience and hold a level 4 Advanced Award in laser and IPL applications.

    Does it hurt?

    Laser hair removal is a gentle, non-invasive process and requires no anesthetic. Most people feel nothing more than a slight warmth or tingling sensation.