CO2 Laser Facial In Colchester, Essex

Utilising the trusted CO2 technology, a softer updated version ‘CO2 Light’ was created to cater for patients suffering from skin concerns such as pigmentation, enlarged pores & texture irregularities without the significant downtime associated with other more aggressive lasers in the Co2 family. If you would like a significant refresh to dull, pigmented & marked skin without having to hide away to heal this fraxel light laser treatment is for you!

What’s Involved

Surface & mid dermis imperfections such established lines & wrinkles, enlarged pores, scars, stretch marks & crepey & orange peel skin texture are easily removed with the CO2 Laser technology. Active Acne also responds incredibly well to the CO2 laser with a noticeable reduction in pustules & redness after just one treatment. In addition, CO2 treats all types of pigmentation such as yellow based & darker brown skin staining, resulting in a more even, clear skin tone. The notoriously ‘hard to treat’ delicate under eye area can also be resurfaced, thickening the skin and remodelling collagen fibres – resulting in noticeably less wrinkles & tighter under eye skin. The CO2 Non-Ablative Laser creates dramatic changes in skin quality & skin health for both a younger patient who are looking to treat acne or the first signs of ageing, as well as mature individuals who are looking to entirely refresh & rejuvenate their faces. The Fraxel light laser is incredibly impressive for all types of scarring especially acne and surgery scars, such as Caesarean.

What’s included

During your consultation, an Advanced Laser Technician will analyse your skin & determine the number of sessions that are required to meet your desired outcome. Prior to treatment we will apply topical numbing cream to the ensure the treatment is pain free. Most people describe a warm sensation to skin as we apply the fraxel light laser to the relevant areas of the skin. Flushing or pinkness of the skin is expected post-procedure and generally resolves by the next day. After your treatment you can have 20 minutes of LED Red Light Therapy to further encourage the formation of collagen & to speed up the healing process. You will experience dry, flaking skin after your treatment for 3 to 4 days as skin renewal takes place. First results of the treatment will be seen at one week after the treatment, peaking at 30 days. Resistant pigmentations, scars, stretch marks and very enlarged pores may need 4 – 6 sessions at monthly intervals to maximise results.

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Does it hurt?

You will feel a warm sensation on your skin, but the treatment will not be particularly uncomfortable.

How long is the down time?

Your skin will be red for 24 hours and dryness for 3-4 days, like a mild sunburn.

Does one treatment make a difference?

Yes! This Fraxel light laser will create dramatic changes after just one session.

Is this more effective than Chemical Peeling?

Yes! The CO2 laser influences collagen formation more effectively than Chemical Peeling and resurfaces the outer dermis, meaning overall results are more dramatic.

What is the difference between CO2 Fully Ablative & Non ablative lasers?

Fully ablative is the more aggressive form or CO2 laser that removes the entire epidermis and requires up to 4 weeks recovery. The level of down time is not easy to work into busy day to day life. 3 sessions of non-ablative CO2 at monthly intervals should create very similar results to one fully ablative treatment.

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