Biotin Hair Growth Injections (IM) In Colchester, Essex

What’s involved?

Biotin is an essential Vitamin needed within our bodies to keep our hair healthy and strong. Our bodies can be deficient in Biotin for a number of reasons: inabilities to absorb the vitamin, prolonged dieting, long term medication, pregnancy, smoking and more.

We need it not just for new hair growth, but also to keep our existing hair thick and shiny. Biotin also increases the elasticity of our hair, which minimises breakage and split ends. When injected, Biotin helps to gradually replace dry, damaged hair with healthy, happy hair.

What’s included (including how often)?

Biotin vitamin is injected intramuscularly into the upper arm. A course of 6 is recommended, injected twice a week for maximum benefits.
Maintenance injections are then recommended once a month.
Biotin is recommended for continual hair loss, this treatment should be used with a combination of treatments such a s PRP and scalp micropigmentation.

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