Skin Tag Removal In Colchester, Essex

What is Skin Tag Removal?

Skin tags are soft benign growths that can vary in shape & size. They are usually dark pink or brown & often protrude from a stalk or stem, they can grow alone or in ‘cluster’ groups on the skin. Skin tags often form & continue to grow in inconvenient or unsightly places on the body resulting in a requirement for them to be removed. Removal is quick & pain free, with minimal disruption to day-to-day activities. Our skin tag removal treatment in our Essex clinic is a highly sought after for both practical and aesthetic purposes.

Our removal method:

Using a CryoPen allows removal with millimetre precision ensuring zero collateral damage to the surrounding healthy tissue. It is a quick, effective pain free treatment for skin tags, and other cosmetic lesions, such as warts, verruca’s and liver/brown pigmentation spots. The treatment is completed in a matter of minutes with pinpoint accuracy. Nitrous Oxide spray penetrates the lesion, freezing enough to achieve tissue necrosis, whilst avoiding damage to surrounding healthy tissue for a quick and easy healing process.


What lesions can be treated?

The CryoPen treatment can be used to remove a variety of skin lesions, including warts, skin tags, benign moles, solar lentigines, verruca’s, cherry angioma, and seborrheic keratosis. If you are unsure whether your lesion can be treated, get in touch today for a no obligation consultation.

Does skin tag removal hurt?

For most, the treatment is entirely pain free, however if the Skin Tag is large, we may use local anaesthetic to ensure you are kept completely comfortable.

Will I scar?

No, however in darker skin tones, the skin can heal slightly lighter after treatment and may take a few weeks for the skin tone to even out. This method of removal should be avoided for those who suffer with Keloid scars.

What is the aftercare post removal of my skin tag?

When you leave the clinic the removal site will be covered with a dressing. Approximately one hour after the skin tag or lesion removal you can remove the dressing and keep the area uncovered as we do recommend a ‘dry heal’ as best practice. In the first 48 hours it is particularly important you keep the skin clean and free of creams, oils or tanning products. Full aftercare advice will be emailed to you upon completion of your booking.

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