Microneedling with Bespoke Skin Cocktail

What is Microneedling?

The treatment starts with a thorough double cleanse to prepare the skin & improve impurities Ultra-fine needles, within a handheld ‘pen’ glide over the skin to create microscopic channels that stimulate the skins wound healing response. With intense renewal, repair and rejuvenation to the face and body, these tiny controlled injuries to the skin kick start the bodies repair response, resulting in fresh new collagen supply that supports the dermis of the skin for a visibly refined, smoother, plumper complexion.

Ideal for:

This treatment lends itself to a multitude of hard to treat stubborn skin complaints & when coupled with a bespoke ‘skin infusion cocktail’ that will be selected & prescribed for you at the time of treatment, incredible changes to the skin become apparent. The refinement of skin tone & texture is clearly visible after just one treatment, however with a commitment of three, dramatic improvements are observed including elimination of skin scarring & pigmented acne scars. The tiny needles penetrate skin to a depth to create pore reduction & are even very successful in the eradication of dark pigmentation patches – and of course with so much new collagen formation, the treatment radically reverses all obvious signs of ageing!

Skin Cocktails:

The correct selection of a bespoke skin cocktail from our team of Skin Specialists to tackle your skin complaint or concern, is vitally important to maximise the benefits of this treatment. The micro channels allow for the efficacy of the skin cocktail to be maximised and the absorption of critical skin feeding ingredients such as high strength Vitamin C, Niacinamide, Retinol, Glycolic, Hyaluronic & Lactic acids to penetrate deeper this producing much better results than if they were to be applied solely as part of a skin care regime. The skin cocktails cover every base from lightening & brightening mixes to vitamin & anti-ageing mixes that purely target skin health & vitality.

Whilst fresher rejuvenated skin is created after just one treatment, 3-6 may be required to eliminate scarring or eradicate deeper lines & wrinkles.

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