Acne Reverse Facial In Colchester, Essex

Is acne or congested skin killing your confidence? Then our Acne Reverse Facial will get both your skin & self esteem under control! We understand acne prone skins can be resistant, so we created a facial that identifies the root cause of your acne & delivers quick results. This facial starts with specialist cleanse & chamomile infused steam methods that delivers deep detoxification alongside manual extractions to totally clear pore debris. Next up Hydra-dermabrasion removes dead skin cells, bacteria & excess sebum from the skin. We then apply an Enhance My Skin Clinical Grade Acne Resurfacing Solution – that causes skin to purge, killing off the most resistant of bacteria whilst also lightening any acne related scarring. We finish by layering Acne Reverse specialist serums & Medical Grade Blue Light Therapy, which reduces inflammation & prevents new pimples forming.

RESULTS: Refined, clarified smooth skin. Inflammation & bacteria removed & controlled. Skin health re-balanced, texture improved. For more advanced Acne option to swap out Skin Resurfacing Solution for Laser Facial [+£45 and patch test required]

FREQUENCY: 1- 4 times per month. Weekly intervals.

SOCIAL DOWN TIME: None to minimal. Potential of skin purge or some minor dryness.

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