Age Reversal Facial In Colchester, Essex

Is your skin losing laxity & firmness with visible lines & wrinkles? Then this facial combines the most innovative approaches to the reversal of ageing skin without the use of injectables! We start with deep exfoliation followed by the Enhance My Skin Age Reversal Peel, which delivers textural corrections by reversing dull, dry skin, softening fine lines & minimising pores. Next up we use Radio Frequency & Microneedling technologies to kickstart your own Collagen & Fibroblasts whilst infusing your skin with Clinical Grade anti-ageing Skin Boosters that penetrate the deeper dermis visibly tightening & lifting and improving wrinkles & crepey skin. We finish with Red Light Therapy for the ultimate, scientifically proven Age Reversal techniques.

RESULTS: Ageing & Pigmented Skin Reversal, Textural Improvements, lifted tighter Skin. Option to add injectable skin boosters PROFHILO [+£235} Seventy HYAL [+£115 ] TKN [+£95]

FREQUENCY: 1-4 times per month. Your Facialist will advise based on your unique skin concerns.

SOCIAL DOWN TIME: Minimal to none. pink skin for up to 45 min post treatment for most, tiny micro bruises for some.

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