Fire + Ice Facial In Colchester, Essex

Is your skin in need of major textural improvements & instant revitalisation? Then the Fire & Ice Facial is all you need. After cleansing & detoxifying your skin, we use our clinical grade advanced Enhance My Skin Glycolic Acid Peeling solution alongside our famous Retinol & Niacinamide Super Serum to resurface the skin, encouraging it to expel built up bacteria & pore debris whilst increasing micro circulation & cellular metabolism to optimise your skins health. Finished with Icy Globes to soothe inflammation & hydrating & restoring specialist serums.

RESULTS: Skin texture & health greatly improved, pore size reduced, Acne controlled & signs of ageing reversed. Option to add Red light therapy for the ultimate experience [+£15]

FREQUENCY: 1-4 times per month. Your Facialist will advise based on your unique skin concerns.

SOCIAL DOWN TIME: Minimal, pink skin for up to an hour post treatment. Potential of skin purge, dry & flaky skin for some.

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