X-Press Facial In Colchester, Essex

Does your skin need a mini makeover? Then the X-press Facial is a vibe! We start this skin saving facial with deep cleanse & chamomile infused steam, manual extraction & pore de–clog. Next up we apply an individually selected skin resurfacer that penetrates a little deeper to melt away the build-up of dull, dead skin cells to reveal, healthy flawless looking skin! We finish with a hydrating mask & medical grade Red light therapy for the ultimate delivery of skin revitalising & restoring ingredients & technologies.

RESULTS: Dull lacklustre skin & tired complexions are revitalised. Skin health & smooth texture is restored, breakouts & pore size reduced. Option to add Oxygen Dome [+£20] or Shoulder Massage [+£10]

FREQUENCY: 1-4 times per month. Your Facialist will advise based on your unique skin concerns.


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